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Online Computer Repair

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 Welcome to Billy’s Dedicated Computer Repair Blog where we show you how to use computer service tools and it support services. Computer maintenance can be a difficult task, but this site will help you get a better idea of what to do if you need virus removal, backup and disaster recovery, and a wide range of problems.

I opened my own computer repair store a few years ago and have made alot of friends in the IT service industry.  The hope is to build a computer repair website that provides a quality resource for IT service providers and people who need business computer repair services.  Soon we will have a newsletter we will be sending out. I’ll be posting more info about that later on.  Eventually, using this site will help you fix a computer or find someone to help your maintain your networks.

Online Computer Repair made easy.

The worst computer system troubles today are created by infections, malware, or other sorts of bugs that are on a computer system because it was linked to the web. 1,000’s of complimentary programs exist that can be downloaded and installed to repair the majority of these concerns.  We hope to teach you to deal with these issues and many more like.

  • How can you remove a viruses from a computer?
  • How IT outsourcing services can help you save money?
  • What is an IT managed services provider?