Planning for IT Services in Education Facilities

students-395568_640Though there are some schools who still have computer equipment donated, many public and private schools are able to get assistance from federal, state, and local governments to purchase and maintain computers. There are a few schools that are lucky enough to be able to purchase them outright. Public libraries, especially in small towns, are highly dependent on donations of computers as the budgets for public libraries have been significantly reduced over the last decade.

What both these groups of computer seekers have in common is that they are both directly attached to the idea of education, and both have a very basic need of computer repair and constant maintenance due to the population group they serve – children. More often than not, free computer help is not an abundant resource. Careful planning needs to be made from both the budget perspective and from the care and maintenance perspective, as children of all ages are notorious for being physically hard on computers. Perhaps libraries more than primary and secondary schools are subject to this behavior due to the low level of control that can be made available to monitor the systems.

Therefore, contracting with a dependable computer repair company is an essential part of the planning process before new or donated computers are brought into the system. Sometimes there are computers equipped with recent technology that is made available for donation, but are rejected because there is not enough in-house expertise to properly take care of or even use them. Having a contract or agreement with a local computer consultant or Bakersfield computer repair company allows the educational institution to have the equipment evaluated before taking on donations that either take up space because no one knows how to use them, or to make them available and shortly thereafter discover they have serious flaws that make them unusable.

Establishing agreements or contracts with these computer repair companies need to be seen as an investment instead of an expense. It is obvious that 21st century students will demand the resources necessary to use the institution’s facilities as an educational and technological source of information. Failure to make computers available will result in an abandonment of the entire facility by students. PC repair services can be brought in to upgrade as well as maintain existing equipment.

The need to equip schools and libraries with relevant technology if they are to be considered at all relevant to those they are intended to serve is obvious. What cannot be overlooked in the process is the importance of a competent and available source of computer support. For the purposes of evaluation, budgeting, and repair and maintenance, the role of IT services cannot be underestimated. For the people it serves, that presence makes the facility both relevant and essential for their futures.